MaDE Network

NZ’s Manufacturing, Design and Entrepreneurship (MaDE) Network

The MaDE Network, formed in 2016, is a community of New Zealand researchers in manufacturing, design and entrepreneurship, working in close collaboration with industry. This cross-disciplinary researcher network is focused on New Zealand’s manufacturing economy of the future.

Our MISSION is….

To develop expertise and capability in translational research, to grow New Zealand’s high-tech manufacturing economy.

Our VISION is…

For New Zealand to be recognised as a leading, technology empowered economy driven by innovative, high-value, niche manufacturing, design and entrepreneurship.

Initiated in 2016, the scope and membership of the MaDE Network has since been established. MaDE for the Future 2017 was the network’s inaugural national conference with subsequent successful events hosted in 2018 and 2019. MaDE2020 will be hosted in Auckland as the fourth national event as we continue to refine who we are and what we do..

Who we are:

  • Researchers from New Zealand tertiary institutes, crown research institutes and companies who are willing and able to fulfil the MaDE Network Mission
  • Industry representatives who are willing and able to fulfil the MaDE Network Mission.
  • Those educating and those being educated for, or those participating in, New Zealand’s high-value manufacturing economy

What we do:

  • Focus on identifying and developing products and manufacturing sectors in which New Zealand can compete globally
  • Carry out active, collaborative research in disciplines of manufacturing, design and entrepreneurship that contribute to the MaDE Network Mission
  • Conduct multi-disciplinary research, in the areas of Human Centred Design, Engineering Design, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Systems, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Development of the MaDE Network is currently led from the Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme at the University of Auckland.
Funding for this initiative is provided by a University of Auckland Strategic Initiative Research Fund.

MaDE Driver Team (Steering Committee)

•Olaf Diegel, University of Auckland (Lead)
•Kenneth Husted, University of Auckland
•Mark Taylor, University of Auckland
•Simon Bickerton, University of Auckland
•Claire Barnsley, University of Auckland (Operations)
•Marcel Schaefer, Auckland University of Technology
•Don Cleland, NSC10 & Massey University (Palmerston North)
•Johan Potgieter, Massey University (Palmerston North)
•Mark Dyer, University of Waikato
•Simon Fraser, Victoria University of Wellington
•Tim Miller, Victoria University of Wellington
•Conan Fee, University of Canterbury
•Shayne Gooch, University of Canterbury
•Debbie Munro, University of Canterbury
•Robert Blache, Callaghan Innovation
•Allen Guinibert, Fisher & Paykel Appliances
•Dieter Adam, The Manufacturers’ Network
•Catherine Beard, BusinessNZ / ManufacturingNZ / ExportNZ

MaDE2020 Conference Committee

•Olaf Diegel, University of Auckland (Co-Chair)
•Jim Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington (Co-Chair)
•Mark Battley, University of Auckland
•Claire Barnsley, University of Auckland (Operations )
•Stephanie Szmurlo, University of Auckland (Event Manager)
•Amanda Wallace, University of Auckland (Event Coordinator)
•Jonathan Stringer, University of Auckland
•Yuqian Lu, University of Auckland
•Marcel Schaefer, Auckland University of Technology
•Paul Woodfield, Auckland University of Technology
•Khalid Arif, Massey University (Albany)
•Rachael Tighe, University of Waikato
•Tim Miller, Victoria University of Wellington
•Don Clucas, University of Canterbury

MaDE2020 physical conference dates:

7-8 December 2020.



until 23 November 2020.


MaDE2020 (DIGITAL) was a highlight package, live-streamed on 29 July 2020 during Techweek2020. The CONFERENCE HISTORY section of this website is where you can view recorded segments of our virtual event.

MaDE2020 will be brought to you by the University of Auckland’s IMM Programme


Conference Opening: 7 Dec 2020
Student Showcase: 7 Dec 2020
Gala Dinner: 7 Dec 2020
Conference Close: 8 Dec 2020


Abstract Portal Opened: 13 Nov 2019
Abstract Review Completed: 30 Apr 2020
New Abstract Submissions opened: 30 July 2020
New Abstract Deadline: 28 August 2020
Authors Notified: 22 September
All Abstract Revisions Due: 28 Sept 2020


Registration Opened: 20 Jan 2020
Early Bird Reg. Closed: 15 Oct 2020
Standard Reg. Closes: 23 Nov 2020